Boss Key Productions confirmed today that they are preparing a second trial period for LawBreakers. As you know, Cliff Bleszinski's game had its first Beta closed from March 16 to 19. During this period, the studio received feedback from the players, with which Boss Key sought to implement various improvements to the title of the action. The second closed Beta will be held from May 18 to 21, and will not only be a marketing Beta, but the studio will also listen to player's opinions to improve overall the game performance.

Just hours after announcing the second closed Beta of LawBreakers, new details have been released relating to new interesting changes in the game as well as the introduction of one of the main characters of the game and a new map and a game mode.

The plot

To introduce this new trial period, we will meet Wraith, who according to Boss Key Productions, is a cyber ninja capable of executing triple jumps, scaling the walls and ending his rivals with secrecy. This character will have a silencer gun and an ideal knife to kill enemies unexpectedly. As a special ability, Wraith will be able to slow down the time, so it is, in the words of Bleszinksi, a highly qualified and a powerful character with an extraordinary fighting prowess ever seen below in a game action.

The second closed Beta

The second closed Beta of LawBreakers will also lead us to explore a new map called (Reactor) as well as the Blitz Ball gameplay. This competitive mode will consist of picking up a ball located in the center of the map, and then take it to the base of the enemy team.

However, it will not be a simple task, because the ball will explode after some time passes. However, players will have options, which have been introduced in the game, but that must be discovered with the help of some tricks that will be discovered in the future, said the source who filters the information.

Additional information

In related news, Bleszinski believes that the AAA-focused market is unsustainable. In addition, the developer thinks that LawBreakers and Overwatch can coexist. According to information filtered, the developer also added that in the next few days, new details will be revealed as well as well a new advance of the game in a short video full of amazing action.

This is all the information known so far. Keep enjoying the game, and stay tuned for more updates as they become available.

Enjoy the video below: