The H1Z1 Champions Arena has returned to action and a lot of professional H1Z1 players were featured in it. Match 1 featured some incredible action early on. Players parachuted down into the map and right away we saw rhinoq drop near the police station in Pleasant Valley. He went to loot inside a warehouse, and as another player ran up on him he walked right outside and instantly shot him in the head with an AK-47.

Early in the match

Patrick "thump" Humphries came into the match with a bang. With Stormentv on top of a roof, a player was preoccupied with the pressure from above, and while he was healing, thump sprinted near the building and rushed him with a shotgun.

Thump is a player who can easily take a match, as his aim with an AR-15 is top-notch, but he fell with just 70 remaining, thanks to a shotgun kill.

The circle began forming just a tad north of Pleasant Valley. With most of the circle within the plains and hills of the map, this featured a ton of random skirmishes between players who made their way to the middle of the circle without a car. The value of smoke grenades came into play here, as cloudorbit showed the viewers. Cloud hit a nice two-tap, and while being shot from behind, he laid two smoke grenades down to allow him to heal.

Late in the match

The safe zone moved to the west side of the open area, and just over 30 players remained with the third circle getting ready to move in.

RogueLifted and sweetdreamsh1 both completely dominated throughout the whole match -- with both tallying multiple kills -- and they ran into each other on a hill. RogueLifted avoided sweetdreamsh1 and pushed WarLegend to net another kill. Both of these players are incredible with their aim, and although this fight would have been enjoyable to watch, it foreshadowed a potential late-game fight.

With 6 remaining, RogueLifted pushed kyrog, and he grabbed a kill through hip firing but would get shot down. With just two remaining, sweetdreamsh1 and Vitality_liaahM went at it. With almost zero cover for either player, sweetdreamsh1 popped two helmets off of Liaahm and would eventually take him down to get his third Champions Arena win.

Sweetdreamsh1 took down 9 players and had 2 more kills stolen away from him in this first match. It was dominant all the way around from his micro game to his macro. He took fights whenever they came, but would position himself in great spots where the circle was going to end.