Champions Arena is back in action and with one match down, the CA players all have an eye on first place. Sweetdreamsh1 took match one with a very impressive game. Not only did he have 9 total kills, in which he had 2 assists where he did the majority of the damage, sweetdreamsh1 completely dominated the inside and outside of the match. His aim was on point, and his macro game was really good. Sweetdreams positioned himself really well on the edges of the circle and maneuvered himself alongside a ridge that he could use to peek over late into the game.

Early in the game

With a lot of players dropping into the south side of Pleasant Valley, there was action right away. Fictionate came in huge with a double kill. The first came off of a player who was looting another player, and then right away a separate player realized what was going on and he tried to run away but Fictionate blew up a barrel nearby to land the kill. The Safe Zone went to the northwest side of the map, just outside of Pleasent Valley again. This area was really good in the first match and featured a lot of fights in the open area that required smoke grenades and gas grenades to be used for protection.

This second match wasn't as eventful as far as massive fights like match one, but the circle moved into the third wave, and with 40 people left still it made a lot of fights inevitable.

With thump dying, the game broke wide open. A couple fights back to back from Sharky came about in the fields next to the neighborhoods. Players were starting to get more aggressive as the circle was moving in, they knew players needed to get into the safe zone.

Late in the game

The safe zone circle moved right on top of the residential area.

This is a unique spot to end the game at, as players are likely to take a spot in a house to try and prolong their life throughout the game. This creates fights that players need to take with a shotgun, or fights in the streets and backyards of houses. With just 13 left, the gas was moving in rapidly. Several players were stuck fighting in the backyards of houses even with the gas coming in.

Four players were caught in a skirmish between two houses, and while one player survived the fight, the gas took his life.

Splintexify took down Warlegend, and with just 7 left the safe zone would start to move toward the outside of the neighborhoods. Speedmito took down SigN with a grenade behind a boulder, and almost instantly, everyone started fighting, which led to HOOWy winning the match.