The news about "far cry 5" is coming fast and furiously and a new teaser trailer released on Monday gives us a little more idea of just which direction Ubisoft's newest addition to the series is going to take. The new teaser opens with screams and then a man running through a wide open field, clearly being chased by something or someone. We then an out to see someone in a church's bell tower, ringing that bell while the chorus of "Amazing Grace" is sung lightly in the background. The biggest piece of info from the video was at the end, when it announced a full reveal would be coming on May 26.

'Far Cry 5' and the official welcome to Hope County

Among the accomplishments the video pulled off, was confirming what had long been rumored. Since as far back as last fall, there had been talk the next installment in this long running series was going to be set in the United States. There had been a decent amount of pushback simply because of the usual themes that permeate the previous "Far Cry" releases. Lawlessness or near lawlessness has played a big part in the universe up until this point. It wasn't and still isn't clear just how that kind of lawlessness was going to be made possible to the degree fans of the series are used to.

We now know the title is going to be set in the fictitious Hope County, Montana.

This does look to be in a place that is far enough away from the mainstream United States. There also appears to be a kind of fundamentalist undercurrent in the music and the setting used in the teaser that hints at the community in "Far Cry 5" being largely left on its own, and... interesting things will come about because of the isolation.

Those who were advancing the rumors of the game taking place in the US were also pushing the main villain in this game will be a dangerous, fanatical cult leader. The allusions to a Christian fundamentalist cult were cleverly planted in the 44-second video so it appears these rumors too were spot on. Inquisitr points out the banner that was hanging from the bell tower in the church does not have the usual Christian symbology, further hinting at some kind of cult which will be going in one direction or another.

More info on 'Far Cry 5' coming soon

While there had been some speculation that we wouldn't get much information about a game that had been confirmed to be in development just a few weeks back, the teaser also let people know a full trailer is coming on May 26. It seems likely we'll get some blanks filled in, including just who will be the big bad in "Far Cry 5". Check out the teaser below and let us know what you think.