far cry 5 is coming and Ubisoft seems to be doing a good job of keeping the game in everybody’s mind. Just days after revealing a teaser trailer for the upcoming game, the studio has now released the first artwork related to the title. The controversial yet informative artwork indicates a great deal regarding the setting and the story the new game will follow. "Far Cry 5" is an action-adventure shooter video game developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft.

What the artwork reveals

Surprising fans, the artwork seems to indicate that the new “Far Cry” game would be related to religious cults, mainly a Christian cult.

The image shows seven characters sitting around a table, almost in the same style as the characters in Leonardo Da Vinci’s famous "Last Supper" painting. However, in place of Christ and his followers, the “Far Cry 5 artwork shows members of a neo-Christian cult.

The central figure at the table is a man wearing yellow tinted glasses, who sits with an open book in front of him. He is surrounded by five other bearded men and one woman. The woman sports a distinct look from the others. She holds a flower in one hand and another one is tied to her hair.

A wolf also sits at the table. The table is littered with guns and knives, but the most interesting and important thing lying on the table is the American flag.

However, it is no ordinary flag; the stars resembling the 50 states have been replaced with 50 eight-pointed crosses. This is the symbol of the Iron Cross, which was used by Adolf Hitler in Nazi Germany.

Weapons and ammunition in the artwork

On the ground in front of the table, weapons and ammunition seem to be lying around. This portion of the artwork showcases some of the weapons which are present in the game.

Nothing out of the ordinary though as the picture shows a shotgun, assault rifles, a crossbow and rocket-propelled grenades. However, the most interesting thing on the ground is the man sitting in front of the table. Only his back is visible, where someone has etched the words “sinner”. This man may be the protagonist of the game.

On the background of the table scene, one can also see two aircraft engaging in combat. One of them sports a pontoon, while the other one can be seen firing machine guns at the other plane. The church of the cultists is also visible behind the characters. Even further back, it is also possible to spy an outline of what could be a town or settlement.