Summer is now just two days away and Starbucks has added a surprise twist with a new drink called the Mango Dragonfruit Refresher to quench your thirst. The concoction has a tropical twist to it, being a magenta/pink-like color that is totally Instagram worthy. Articles by USA Today and People Magazine were used for information in this article.

Starbuck's newest item

The drink was available starting today (June 19) in both the US and Canada, as the brand announced their plan via People Magazine, "to cut down on limited-edition beverages, like the Unicorn Frappuccino, by 30% as reported by Grub Street." The Unicorn Frappucino had mixed reviews upon its release and it has to be seen whether the latest drink will do much better.

However, many customers are enjoying the drink already for its taste and look.

People also reports that the drink "has no artificial coloring or sweeteners. Each drink will be specially prepared with hand-shaken pieces of red-fleshed dragon fruit to give them a more vibrant color." So the beverage, in turn, will be healthy and a crowd pleaser for the summer with its great taste and colorful appearance. The brand will also allow customers to add coconut milk instead of water to get a creamier version of the drink.

Starbucks took to Twitter to post about it's latest beverage with other customers raving about it. The drink reported by USA Today "has fewer than 100 calories." It contains a small amount of caffeine from green coffee extract the company announced today along with a statement reading, "Its one of those up-and-coming flavors.

The red-fleshed fruit is less common and helps make the drink so fun and unique." The drink is surely special and something never made before in its history and it adds some excitement for the start of the summer.

Changes are in store

There are other changes in store for the brand as they plan on hiking up the price of their regular coffee by 10 to 20 cents, now ranging from $1.95 to $2.15 as reported by People.

Starbucks has been focused on their Frappuccino selections as they added three new beverages with flavors such as strawberry, ultra mocha, and ultra caramel. In addition, they also added cold brew whipped cream and vegan macadamia cookies to please customers listed by People. These drinks join new ones that were rolled out in spring. The brand has been making all these changes to please customers and to get new business. Behold the drink of the summer: the Mango Dragonfruit Refresher.