Halloween is a mere week away and there is a rush of excitement everywhere you look for the first holiday of Fall. Stores are filled with children picking out the pumpkins for carving funny and scary faces. Parents, on the other hand, are hoping that the amount of candy they buy will be enough for the entire neighborhood of trick-or-treaters. But in recent years, it hasn't just been costume-clad kids that have found a taste for All Hallow's Eve. As monsters and the macabre have oozed into the foreground of pop-culture, it seems all manner of people at every age seem to be elated for the night of October 31st, and restaurants and retails stores have found some creative ways to feed these holiday-happy customers.

Have you heard of Starbucks' secret menu?

For some, purchasing a drink from starbucks is an exercise in silliness - sure, the coffee is delicious, but what on earth is the point of paying so much when you could save money by making your cup of joe at home or go to another restaurant for a cheaper hot beverage? For a lot of people, Starbucks is a haven to take drink mixing experimentation to an entirely new level. Although there is a set menu for the coffee franchise, customers have always had the ability to customize their drinks down to the very last detail by adding or subtracting any ingredient they want as well as creating new drinks altogether. For many, this means requesting an extra two pumps of sugar-free syrup in their venti soy vanilla latte with no foam.

As for the others, it means having a free reign to concoct the libation of their imaginations.

People have been thinking up wild and creative refreshments for years now which lead to the formation of what has been dubbed the "Starbucks secret menu." It even has its own website where recipes can be shared across the world to be ordered at one's local shop.

The infamous addition of the Unicorn Frappuccino to its ranks was featured prominently in the news this year. With the success of Halloween-themed frappuccinos in the past, Starbucks has an interesting new blended beverage on the horizon.

Happy Frappuccino-ween!

To accompany past Secret Menu Item hits like the vampiric Frappula Frappuccino or the freaky Franken Frappuccino, 2017 will welcome the arrival of the creepy new zombie frappuccino.

After tweeted pictures from various Starbucks baristas started to circulate around the internet, this new creature-themed treat looks to be waiting for a very limited run. According to the Starbucks secret menu official site, it is predicted that it will be a green caramel apple flavored frappuccino with a pink mocha drizzle and pink "brains" whipped cream on top. The drink is expected to be featured in stores from October 26th through Halloween. So if you are hoping to get your fix for coffee and brains all at once, happy secret menu zombie frappuccino hunting!