Mickey Mouse is celebrating his 90th birthday in style as the world's most famous cartoon mouse has his own cookie ready for the public to devour. Oreo has already created their own limited edition cookies based on the mouse created back in 1928 by Walt Disney. The good news for fans of Mickey and the chocolate wafer cookies with creme filling is that they'll soon be available, but only for a limited time.

Mickey's big 90th birthday

The mouse, the myth, the legend has been going strong now for 90 years. It seems hard to imagine that the vibrant and entertaining guy will hit the century mark in a decade.

However, that will be the case as he is the original inspiration behind much of the Disney world. Fans now flock to the various Disney theme parks around the globe and many look for Mickey to get that necessary selfie.

A fun fact that many people might not know is that Mickey Mouse was born to replace another character named Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. Creative genius and illustrator Walt Disney started out by creating Oswald but due to contractual obligations, that character became the property of University Studios.

Learning an early lesson about making sure to own his characters going forward, Walt Disney started up from scratch with a new Disney Studio and staff. He also created a brand new character in 1928 named Mickey Mouse.

He would make his big debut in November of that year in "Steamboat Willie." The rest is history, as Mickey has reached worldwide fame, and that other rabbit is a highly-forgotten character.

Mickey Mouse Oreo details

The Oreo cookie is 16 years Mickey's senior, as they were originally created in 1912. Over the years, Oreo has released all sorts of memorable versions of their popular cookies.

One of those versions is a birthday cake version which many people enjoy. What better way to celebrate Mickey Mouse's 90 years than with cake, and a cookie?

Appropriately, Mickey's cookie will have birthday cake flavored creme to celebrate the occasion. In addition, the popular chocolate sandwich cookies will have three different Mickey Mouse designs embedded into the tops of the chocolate wafers.

An Instagram post from @junkfoodmom at the Sweet & Snacks Expo shows off the front of a bag, to get Oreo and Disney fans salivating. Unfortunately, the official release date for the public to start scooping up bags of these cookies is unknown. There's some speculation that maybe by November, the month in 1928 when Mickey was "born," fans will see his cookies on shelves.

What is known is that the cookies will check in at 140 calories for just two of them, with 14 grams of sugar and two grams of saturated fat. Most people who have enjoyed Oreo cookies realize that it's hard to have just one serving of two cookies at a time, as the bag soon disappears. Having an available glass of milk along with the different Mickey Mouse designs on them will probably make them even more fun to eat.

However, these Oreos will be limited edition, so it will be interesting to see how many of these bags pop up for sale on eBay or other sites based on possible scarcity. Everyone loves a classic cartoon mouse combined with a classic cookie, right?