meatballs are associated with Italian foods such as spaghetti and tomato sauce dishes. However, you do not have to be Italian to love meatballs. Since March 9 is National Meatball Day, people around the country celebrated the food by either going to a favorite restaurant or by making meatballs at home since they are so delicious and easy to make.

People in New York, on National Meatball Day, stopped by Davio’s Northern Italian Steakhouse at 447 Lexington Avenue and ordered a seven-ounce meatball for $100. The dish was designed by executive chef Juan Tourn and was available only on March 9.

That expensive meatball was made with the best ingredients including Wagyu beef, truffle Caciocavallo cheese, foie gras, winter truffles, and topped with a creamy shallot and champagne sauce. Included with the purchase was a glass of 2012 Prunotto Barolo wine.

How are meatballs made

Some people chose not to pay $100 for one meatball from the New York restaurant. Instead, they made more than one at home for their entire family for so much less. They made their less expensive meatballs with a few ingredients that included ground beef, eggs, milk, breadcrumbs, a sauce of some kind, salt, and pepper. After the ingredients were thoroughly mixed, they were made into balls and cooked.

Another meaning of 'meatball'

Surely, when you hear the word "meatball," you think of the food, but meatball is associated with something else.

The sitcom "All in the Family" aired on CBS in the 70s. Carroll O'Connor, who played Archie Bunker, called his wife Edith "Dingbat," who was played by Jean Stapleton. He called his son-in-law Michael, "Meatball," who was played by Rob Reiner. "Dingbat" and "Meatball" are derogatory names that Archie deliberately used to belittle members of his own family.

If you don't remember the "Meatball" name from "All in the Family" comedy show, you might remember a more recent CBS show where the word "Meatball" was heard in almost every episode. Last season of the "Big Brother" reality show, Josh Martinez ran through the house and disturbed the other houseguests by banging pots and pans and calling them "Meatballs."

Like Archie Bunker's title for his son-in-law, Josh's definition for "Meatball" was the same.

They both said it to mean "loser." Josh's strategy must have worked because the 23-year-old Florida native was the winner of Season 19 of "Big Brother" and received the grand prize of $500,000. Therefore, he can buy a lot of meatballs.