Overfishing could be responsible for a short supply of fish in days to come. They could disappear from the markets unless strict measures are introduced to check the trend. The warning has come from Mark Carney, the Governor of the Bank of England, who has taken it upon himself to create awareness among the people about a possible future where fish will become extinct.

Sky News reports that overfishing is a major threat and the world's oceans could face a situation where species of fish will vanish from the scene. There is evidence to prove that fish stocks are reducing all over the world due to overexploitation.

Nowadays, sophisticated techniques are employed to catch fish, and the stocks will be exhausted unless restrictions are imposed.

Problem of overfishing must be addressed

The warning has come in time because if overfishing in the oceans continues in the same vein, the stock of the main species of fish will be exhausted by the middle of this century. Many of them will go extinct. The extra fishing trawler in the high seas is usually for the benefit of the individual but it ultimately has global implications. The governments will have to intervene because the problem goes beyond geological boundaries. Fishing usually happens in the high seas which is outside the purview of national jurisdictions and rules.

Fishing lobbies wield power and do not see anything wrong. They feel they are not overstepping the limits that have been imposed. These are issues that must be resolved for the survival of the fish.

Global warming and overfishing

Global warming affects the availability of fish in the oceans. The CO2 emission from the atmosphere increases the temperature of the water which, in turn, prevents nutrients from the lower level to rise to a higher level that can be accessed by the fish and plankton.

Global warming also melts the icebergs, changes the chemistry of the water, and the lives of marine creatures. Some of them even wash up on the beaches. Over a period of time, excess fishing will reduce their availability and paint a gloomy picture when fish will be eased out of the menu.

According to Economist, water absorbs the greenhouse gases and helps to reduce the effects of global warming to a certain extinct.

In the bargain, the chemistry of the water changes. It becomes more acidic which is harmful to crabs and oysters since they have calcium-carbonate shells. The acidification tends to dissolve these carbonates. Needless to say that overfishing will disturb the ecological balance, and some of the fish will find it difficult to survive. They will enter the list of extinct species.

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