If you find you are too busy to cook enough for your work week lunch don't despair. If you need to save money on greasy fast foods then you are in luck. Your favorite Salad can evolve into a food hack that is sure to please and will last all week. By following a few simple steps you will have a delicious, low calorie, low-fat lunch to replace the greasy unhealthy fast food that you may have been eating. Your digestive system and your pocketbook will thank you and your overall health should improve. With a little more tweaking you can even fix enough to have leftovers so that you may enjoy a delicious evening meal.

Easy steps for a salad meal hack

Begin the meal hack by preparing a week's worth of your favorite salad on Sunday and place it in five Mason Jars. This way you will have something healthy for lunch every day. If you do not like mason jars just make sure the product you store the food in is BPA free. The first thing to do is put your dressing at the bottom of the jar. If you have separate small containers you can place your dressing in these or keep a bottle in the break room refrigerator if possible.

Food hacks from Brady Klopfer suggest that if you use dressing the next layer of food should be those that will not become soggy such as large chunks of apples or tomato.

Peas and legumes are also recommended. The rest of your veggies of choice should come next with lettuce always being last because it will easily wilt. Protein foods such as egg or cheese should be at the very top of your jar. If you desire a meant item it is best to add it to your salad the night before you are going to eat the meal.

Enjoying the spoils of your food hack

You can make your salad interesting by changing the veggies, meats and or the dressing that you use. As an example, you might consider sunflower seeds, ranch dressing and chicken chunks on Monday and croutons, and vinegar along with eggs on Tuesday.

You could utilize green peppers, iceberg lettuce and red cabbage one day and the next try romaine lettuce and add lots of watercress or sliced turnips. If you choose, you may be someone who has no problem eating ng the same identical foods each day for your meal hack.

When you are ready to eat, shake your container well so that your salad will be mixed well. This is especially important if you have your dressing on the bottom. Pour into a bowl and now you are ready to enjoy the spoils from your healthy food hack. Don't forget to prepare and store extra food in the fridge if you desire enough salad for your dinner. Make sure also that you clean your containers daily so they will always be on hand when you need them.