Consumers don't have to be Mexicans to love a delicious Taco especially when they can buy as many or as few as they want for about one dollar each. However, taco lovers are giving it a second thought when it comes to paying $60 for one at a Michigan restaurant. Besides, a customer can't purchase just one. He has to buy three at a time. So, what makes the taco so costly?

Not your average taco

According to WXYZ-TV, the expensive taco is not your average beef and cheese taco that you are accustomed to getting from Taco Bell. The pricey taco is worth every penny because it contains seared American Wagyu beef, Hudson Valley foie gras, caviar, shaved black truffles, and ice plant leaves.

An optional topping includes crunchy roasted grasshoppers. Sides include Hawaiian salt and smoky chile morita sauce.

The restaurant has not yet revealed the reason a person has to purchase three of them at a time. A way to get around that, however, is to team up with two other people instead of shelling out $180 just to satisfy your taco hunger. Because it takes longer to prepare the expensive Tacos and because the restaurant doesn't keep the ingredients on hand, customers must call ahead at least eight hours before they expect to pick up the three tacos.

The tacos are more of an experience than something to fill someone up. They give the consumers a great discovery of the ingredients and flavors they don't get in regular tacos, according to head chef and creator Junior Merino at M Cantina on Michigan Avenue in Dearborn, Michigan.

How successful?

The tacos at M Cantina have been available for only several days. So far, the restaurant has sold a few of them. Merino says once the word gets out, he expects more will be sold. KTRK-TV reported that the restaurant is selling the over-the-top tacos to break the stereotype that Mexican food is always cheap. Being inexpensive is part of the appeal for many people who purchase the regular beef and cheese tacos.

Merino explained that he wanted to do something unique so people can discover the diversity of Mexican cuisine at a different level and to prove that all Mexican food doesn't have to be cheap. He added that the restaurant is not making a profit because of the expensive ingredients and the time used to prepare the three tacos.

What do you think about a taco costing $60? Would you dish out $180 for three tacos when you have been in the habit of getting them for much less? Do you think the expensive tacos will eventually become a big hit at M Cantina?