If you are a baby boomer,(born between 1948 and 1964) you probably attended an old-fashioned birthday party in someone's home when you were a child. You may also have enjoyed a delicious homemade punch that has continued to be popular over the years. Some refer to it as wedding punch because it is often used for receptions. Superbowl Sunday would be the ideal time to recall that old school recipe and use it to create a delicious non-Alcoholic Drink. Relive the good days, and introduce a new generation to the fun of making this simple drink with only sherbert, ice cream, pineapple juice, and coke or ginger ale.

Old school punch for Superbowl Sunday

Those who abstain from alcoholic beverages will enjoy having this old-school punch as an option for Superbowl Sunday. This is especially true for those who remember it from childhood birthday parties. The recipe is very simple and of course, can be tweaked based on personal taste. To get started you will need 20 oz. or two and one-half cups of pineapple juice, one pint of the sherbert flavor of your choice, one-pint vanilla ice cream, and 12 ounces of ginger ale.

You can substitute items for the old school punch by using sugar-free or fat-free ice cream or sherbert and also diet ginger ale.

Other variations would be to use Seven Up, Mountain Dew, Sprite or even a dark soda such as Coke, Dr. Pepper or Mr. Pib. Diet, low calorie or sugar-free versions of the soft drinks can be utilized but to get that old school flavor the original soda's and regular ice cream and sherbert taste the best. This non-alcoholic beverage should be a hit with everyone who drinks it during the football game.

Mixing the ideal punch

Now comes the fun part, which is mixing all the ingredients to make the ideal punch. In a bowl, combine the pineapple juice, sherbert and one half of the ice cream.

Add the soft drink you have chosen and mix the ingredients until they are smooth. Add the rest of the ice cream as is and now you have a delicious non-alcoholic drink that needs no ice in order to keep cool.

It's best to serve this refreshing old-school punch immediately so it will not melt. If you believe this tasty beverage will be a hit with your Superbowl Sunday guests, you can always be sure to have enough ingredients on hand to make a second batch. If you find you have leftover punch, it can be frozen and used another day. You can always improvise by combining a light and dark soda or changing the flavor of the ice cream or sherbert. The bottom line is to have fun making and drinking this recipe that so many baby boomers are fond of.