The Reality TV show "My 600-lb Life" exemplifies how obesity increases risk of pre-diabetes (also called insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome), Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, heart failure and liver disease. Dr. Nowzaradan's morbidly obese patients are riddled with these and a host of other problems. But, the good news is that all are treatable with weight loss and diet and I'm proof. After losing 100 pounds and 10 dress sizes from 22 to 6, I lost prediabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, and liver problems. Here's how I halted these problems with A-Z ketogenic diet foods.

Obesity, metabolic syndrome and diabetes

Dr. Now gets amazing weight loss results with bariatric surgery patients using his gastric bypass diet. Along with pounds many of the reality television show celebrities heal prediabetes and diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol -- even those who were 600-800 pounds. How does obesity cause these diseases? Dr. Oz has explained how belly fat and stored fat around organs creates insulin resistance. Uncontrolled prediabetes leads eventually to Type 2 diabetes.

How to reverse diabetes with diet

But why wait till you're hundreds of pounds overweight like Mama June of "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" and gastric bypass surgery is the only option? Start today, with this A-Z list of food swaps and trade in obesity.

Switch saturated and hydrogenated fat, starch, refined sugar and flour for high-fiber, fatty acid foods. Ironically, good fats -- omega oils, MUFAs (monounsaturated fatty acids) -- burn bad fat. Fiber and fatty acids work together to burn fat. Many fiber-rich foods are also high in fatty acids but low in saturated fats.

Apples to flaxseed

Here's a recipe to eat away Type 2 diabetes. A is for apples, asparagus, applesauce (subs in baking for oil), acai, almonds, almond milk, avocados, amaranth flour (from the ancient grains). B is for blue-green algae, blueberries, broccoli, blackberries, barley and buckwheat. C is for cashews, cashew milk, coconut oil, coconut milk, carrots, cauliflower (swap for potatoes), collard greens, chia seeds and unsweetened cocoa powder (fat-burning antioxidant).

D is for dill pickles and other fermented foods and dark chocolate (70-percent or higher cacao). E is for edamame (raw soybeans) and F is for falafel and milled flax seed.

Grapefruit to Kashi

G is for grapefruit and graham flour and H is for homemade hummus. I is for ispaghula or isabgol, better known as psyllium husks. J is for juicing (save the pulp for recipes to add fiber). K is for kale, kamut (ancient grain) and high-fiber Kashi Chocolate Almond & Seasalt bars with chia and Go Lean Protein cereal. L is for sprouted lentils, legumes, lettuce, lemons and limes. M is for miso, mushrooms and millet. N is for nuts and O is for oranges and olives. P is for pomegranate, pumpkin, pumpkin seeds, and psyllium husks.

Eat this alphabet of ketogenic food swaps and lose weight.

Quinoa to zucchini

Q is for quinoa and R is for raspberries, rhubarb and rye flour. S is for seeds, salmon, spinach, sunflower seeds, soybeans, strawberries, squash (summer and winter) and spelt flour. T is for triticale wheat flour, tomatoes and tuna and U is for unbleached, unrefined ancient grain flour. V is for Vitae Plus Powder (Chimex). W is for water and whole grains. X means cross out white bread and commercial fiber bars (lots of carbohydrates with no good fiber). Y is for yams and yellow squash and Z is for zucchini. With this kind of diet, even 714-lb Lee Sutton can lose weight.