Let's face it, eating healthy can be difficult at times. Stress and anxiety can drive us to the bakery section in the grocery store and ruin all of that healthy eating you've been doing. I live a pretty healthy lifestyle, but I never wanted to cut out all of the delicious snacks that I grew up with. With a little planning, you can still enjoy those sweet treats you love so much. Here are some of my favorite healthy snacks that I enjoy:

Dark chocolate peanut butter banana bites

This simple recipe will not only satisfy your Sweet Tooth but give you a little energy as well.

10 of these little bites of awesomeness are only 97 calories so a great snack that won't ruin your diet! The health benefits of this little treat are numerous, including help with fighting free radicals and cancer prevention from the Dark Chocolate, and bananas are loaded with essential minerals such as potassium and riboflavin. Let's not forget about the protein-loaded peanut butter. I prefer to use chunky peanut butter for a little something extra.

Strawberry oatmeal bars

Fresh strawberries are always a good idea any time of the year and this easy recipe will give you a great snack with only 100 calories. The strawberries will give you a big dose of vitamin C and K and oatmeal is a great source of fiber and helps lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

You'll enjoy this so much you'll make it a part of your healthy eating lifestyle.

Cinnamon bananas

Satisfy your sweet tooth and help your body fight disease with this delicious snack. These cinnamon covered bananas taste great and you get the added benefits of cinnamon which promotes better health with high levels of antioxidants, boosts your immunity, helps with digestion, and can even help with heart disease.

With each serving under 100 calories (10 pieces per serving), you can be sure to stay within your daily calorie count. If you want to add a little extra flavor, dip them in dark chocolate for an even better treat.

Avocado chocolate mousse

Avocados should be a part of any healthy eating habit. Loaded with healthy fats and more potassium than bananas, the avocado can make its own low-calorie sweet treat all on its own, but why stop there -- chocolate lovers will love this simple recipe that will satisfy your cravings and still keep you looking fit.

Banana bread

Good old-fashioned banana bread. Just those words bring back fond childhood memories of coming home from school and being greeted by the smell of freshly baked banana bread. I know most of you would think this would not be a part of any healthy eating lifestyle, but with a few changes, you can make this a healthy treat. Use whole wheat flour or gluten-free flour instead of regular flour. To cut out the sugar, use honey instead. While banana bread is full of carbs, you are getting a good source of protein and it will fill you up.

Remember, healthy eating takes some planning and dedication. It's all about moderation. You can still satisfy your sweet tooth, just watch your portions and frequency.

When we were younger we could eat anything in sight, but as you get older, your metabolism slows and your body won't burn the fat as fast. Stick to your diet, stay active, and you'll be able to enjoy your sweet treats and still enjoy the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.