If you're trying to eat healthily, but don't think you can give up Fast Food entirely, don't worry... you don't have to. As Americans have become more and more conscious about what they eat, many fast food chains have been progressively evolving and have begun to offer healthy options in order to stay current with popular demand.

Here are a few fast food chains that have begun to provide healthy and yet still tasty options.

Taco Bell

Taco Bell has taken the health revolution very seriously, and maybe the most seriously out of any fast food chain out there.

They have even hired registered dieticians to advise the company on how to create healthier options.

As a result, they have Vegetarian options to choose from, Vegan options, and the high protein Power Menu as well if you don't have an aversion to eating meat. You will have to special-order some of these items by substituting the ingredients you're trying to avoid (such as substituting meat for beans for vegetarianism and asking for no meat/dairy for veganism). But, the beauty of Mexican food, or rather, "Mexican food" is that it easily accommodates veganism, vegetarianism, and of course, paleo as well.

The only downside to Taco Bell is their white flour tortillas, but, a little flour doesn't necessarily signify the end of the world.


It's true! This chain has made great strides to provide healthy options to their customers. Just avoid their fried items, and you can still enjoy a rather healthy meal there.

They have grilled chicken sandwiches, wraps, salads, and even grilled chicken nuggets! Food doesn't have to be fried to be good. And yes, it will be a herculean effort to stay away from those waffle fries, but your body will thank you in the long run (and even the short run) as food makes its impact pretty quickly on the body, for better or worse.


Wendy's does actually have a few really healthy options as well.

Like Chick-fil-A, Wendy's has a grilled chicken sandwich, wraps, and a variety of salads to choose from as well. They also have chili, and baked potatoes -- just go easy on the butter and sour cream, or avoid it entirely. So, cross that one of the naughty list!

You can still go to Wendy's and enjoy a healthy meal.

Eating healthy is a lot easier if it is convenient

These are a few places that offer Healthy Food through a drive-through window. If you have the time to get out of the car, Moe's and Chipotle are excellent options as well. Eating healthily is well worth the effort, even if it is a difficult adjustment at first. One day at a time is the way to go. Here's to a healthier, happier, and more energetic 2018!