Realistically, there are some Foods out there that contain alarming amounts of salt that you may not be aware of. However, thanks to some recent changes by the FDA, we now can make more accurate lists of sodium-filled foods for you to skip. Here are the Top 5 surprisingly Salty foods.

5. Cereal

We already know that cereal can be a surprisingly sugary food, but salty as well? Apparently, some cereal — even those branded as "healthy" — have a considerable amount of sodium in them. Take Raisin Bran. This cereal has well over 200 milligrams of sodium per cup.

At breakfast, be very cautious with your choice of cereal or you could inadvertently add salty foods to your daily routine.

4. Bread

Bread has already gotten a bad rap for a host of health risks, but the sodium content often goes unnoticed. Yes, that harmless looking loaf of bread you buy at the grocery store is in fact a very salty food. Although the formula seems fixed, extra sodium can sneak its way in bread thanks to toppings like olives or just plain salt.

3. Frozen dinners

On the surface, a frozen dinner seem like quite the marvel for cooking. They're cheap and save us time to whip up a big bite to eat after a hard day's work. Sadly, we take these dinners for granted as their convenience comes at a terrible price -- our health.

Frozen dinners are assortments of foods that can range from the usual suspects of sodium to the unusual suspects, and the added flavorings can make matters worse. Avoid this salty food at all costs.

2. Canned vegetables

There is nothing safe about vegetables preserved in cans in terms of being salt-free. The vegetables on their own have natural sodium contained in them which can range from low to high depending on the type of vegetable being canned.

But that's only the beginning when it comes to these salty foods.

In addition, the added ingredients could raise the sodium level significantly, compromising your health. These include seasonings, sauces, and even preservatives that give the vegetables that much-needed shelf life. Stay clear of canned vegetables if you want to cut down on sodium greatly.

1. Deli meats

The debate on the healthiness of deli meats wages on. What's ironic, however, is the fact that what's supposed to make them healthy and safe for the willing is also what puts them on this Top 5 list. Turkey, ham and roast beef are usually cured with sodium nitrate to preserve them and protect against bacteria. Unfortunately, that means that they contain a considerable amount of sodium. Hence, avoid deli meats like the plague if you are trying to cut back on salty food.