For decades it's been reported that we should consume eight, eight-ounce glasses of water, on a daily basis, but according to the "Institute of Medicine," that's not enough. They recommend 11 cups for women and 15 for men each day in order to keep the doctor away. Among the well-known health benefits of drinking enough water are maintaining proper hydration, aiding in weight loss, preventing a heart attack, and lubricating skin and joints. Consuming H2O is a necessity for overall health and this is especially true for the Immune System. This is a list of five ways keeping enough water flowing through your body will assist in maintaining optimum health and also helping your body resist certain illnesses.m

How H2O benefits the immune system

If you believe drinking 11-15 glasses of water each day is a bit much, then consider how your immune system may be attacked if you don't.

The first way that water benefits your health is by flushing toxins out and oxygenating your blood. This ensures that plenty of oxygen is getting to your cells and keeps your organs working at their very best. The second benefit of maintaining proper hydration is that it aids in the production of lymph. The lymph system transports water and nutrients to the blood, and through the blood to your cells. Without lymph, your body would not be able to fight infections.

The third way that water impacts your immune system is that by drinking the recommended number of servings each day, it can treat and prevent a number of illnesses. Because it lubricates the joint, H2O is beneficial for relieving arthritis pain.

It also can help with insomnia and depression because it helps your brain maintain proper levels of melatonin and serotonin. Water also helps the immune cells and blood cells to circulate which may prevent lymphoma and leukemia.

Drinking enough water aids digestion and keeps eyes and mouth lubricated

The fourth benefit to drinking 11 glasses of water daily if you are a woman, and 15, if you are a man, is that you will be keeping your mouth and eyes lubricated.

When your eyes and your mouth remain moist, parasites, dust, and dirt that may cause infections will be repelled. The fifth way your immune system is aided by drinking enough H2O on a daily basis in regard to digestion. Your digestive track will flow as it was intended, which means your food will be processed properly and you are less likely to deal with constipation. Keep these health benefits in mind the next time you hesitate to drink a glass of water.