Starbucks has launched a competition that will give a chance for the winner to receive Free Coffee for life, ABC15 reported. The world’s famous coffee chain unveiled the annual “Starbucks for life” contest where customers can play games for freebies.

The competition is open from December 5 until January 8, 2018, at 11:59 PM. Customers are asked to participate in the games to win free drinks and food items. They have to use their registered Starbucks card or their virtual card through the mobile application.

Over 500 lucky winners are slated to get free products for a week and over 100 winners can get Starbucks items for a month for free.

Only 17 lucky participants will win free products for a year, but only six customers will have a chance for “Starbucks for life.”

The prizes

The value of this prize is estimated to be at more than $55,000 and will be transferred to the customer’s card once the contest ends. He or she can present this card for a free food item or drink every day for the next three decades. However, the coffee chain reminded interested participants that the prizes are non-transferable.

There are two ways a customer can enter the contest. They may either purchase items using their Starbucks card or enter without making a purchase.

If they want to qualify through the second option, they have to visit the website and submit their contact details to get an account.

The entire rules and mechanics of this competition are posted on the official website of the restaurant.

Christmas treats

Starbucks has also recently launched its holiday-themed drink called Christmas Tree Frappuccino, Forbes reported. The beverage is made with a blend of mint, cranberry crunch, and matcha. It also comes with green whipped cream.

This exclusive offering has been part of the coffee chain’s gimmicks for various seasons. Earlier, it unveiled Pumpkin Spice Latte as part of the celebration of Thanksgiving and the autumn season. They also previously offered Zombie Frappucino, Unicorn Frappuccino, and Midnight Mint Mocha Frappuccino.

Another Christmas treat by the famous restaurant is an augmented reality accessible via Apple’s iMac Pro, Entrepreneur reported.

The project will tour users around some of the store’s equipment just like they are personally seeing these machines. Users will need to collect badges in order to earn their custom selfie at the end of the virtual tour.