You don't need to go to a children's birthday party or to a wedding to enjoy a vanilla Cupcake on National vanilla cupcake Day on November 10 when it is celebrated. People all over the world are treating themselves to a vanilla cupcake on its special day.

Cupcakes are familiar treats at children's parties because they are easy for their little hands to manage. Many brides today are putting tiers of cupcakes on the table at the reception where expensive wedding cakes once dominated. Because they cost much less, there is a big saving. Besides, it is much easier to plan to serve cupcakes than it is to plan for the size of an expensive wedding cake.

A delightful treat

Cupcakes are a delightful treat no matter where and when you eat them. However, on November 10, it would be good to eat only vanilla cupcakes since that is the day that is being celebrated. They are easy to make, or you can pick up a dozen or more from your local bakery. Take some to your job to share with co-workers. They will appreciate the gesture. While they are enjoying the sweet treat, you can share some tidbits with them.

Tidbits about the treat

In England, they are called “fairy cakes" because they are miniature and the perfect size for a party of fairies to enjoy. In other places, they are called patty cakes. The ingredients are the same as for a regular cake. The batter is poured into small cups.

That's why they are called cupcakes. When they first came about, they were baked in heavy pottery cups. Today, they are cooked in small coffee mugs, larger teacups, ovenproof dishes or individual ramekins.

Different from muffins

One thing to keep in mind is that a cupcake is different from a muffin even though they are shaped the same because of the container used to bake them.

A big difference is that muffins are more savory than sweet. The ingredients are not the same. Muffins are made with whole wheat flour which makes the texture dryer and denser than cupcakes. Cupcakes have a lighter and softer texture, and they are sweet instead of savory. They are usually decorated with frosting like the bigger cakes.

Muffins are not decorated on top.

Some people have no problem eating a muffin for breakfast because they tend to think it is healthier. They don't think of it as a dessert, like the sweet treat that is celebrated on National Vanilla Cupcake Day. Most people wouldn't think of eating a dessert for breakfast so they will wait until later in the day to celebrate.