"To baste is human, to stuff is divine." That should be the motto of Thanksgiving. But how about if you're on a gluten-free diet? What if you've had bariatric surgery like those on TLC "My 600-lb Life" and have to eat low-carb? How can you enjoy stuffing with visions of weight loss stuffed in your head? Good news: here are carb-free dressings and breadless stuffing recipes for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Low-carb stuffing recipes: good, bad and bazinga!

Some of the obesity patients on "My 600-lb Life" struggled at holidays because the family wasn't supportive and pigged out in front of them and even mocked them.

Well, these stuffing recipes will get the last laugh because the diet versions are to die for. Even those who aren't watching starch, gluten or carbs may end up eating the diet Thanksgiving recipes, so make a big batch.

Homemade stuffing? Yes, please!

If your family is tepid on turkey, but fiery hot on dressing, make a huge batch and bake some in a separate pan. No bird exists with cavities large enough to satisfy them. But many hate stuffing and that's down two words "Stove Top." Boxed stuffing tastes like salty cardboard so prepare the homemade stuffing. Also, make it the day before Thanksgiving or Christmas holiday and refrigerate in a covered pan. Ingredients need some time to acquaint.

Diet tweaks for traditional Thanksgiving bread stuffing

Cube two loaves of light 35-calorie oat bran bread. Dry or toast in a single layer in over on 250. Keep away from cats, husbands, and kids who take perverse delight in eating bread cubes. Or go "breadless" with dry oatmeal, flaxseed meal, nuts (almonds, cashews, walnuts) and seeds (chia and pumpkin).

Saute green peppers, Portabello mushrooms, Brussels sprouts, sliced celery with leaves and large onion in light 35-calorie zero transfat yogurt margarine. Add black pepper, rubbed sage, celery seed, poultry seasoning, minced garlic, two teaspoons of Better Than Bouillon chicken broth and one quart of water. "My 600-lb Life" reality TV stars have to watch sodium so salt-free seasonings like Mrs.

Dash and MSG-free broth is best. Pour butter mixture and over bread cubes, mix with hands and store in the refrigerator.

Cajun rice dressing recipe tweaks

"My 600-lb Life" takes place in Texas, where portions are heaping. Normally, most southern holiday favorites would be off the gastric bypass menu. But here's a Cajun type rice dressing recipe with diet food swaps. Use wild rice for bread, cut the amount and add okra, tomatoes, scallions, and peppers to mirepoix (onions and celery). Season with fish sauce, salt-free Spike, gumbo file, oregano, sage, Tabasco hot sauce or hot pepper flakes. Swap ground turkey, shrimp or red beans for ground beef. Omit gizzards as they are super fatty.

No-Carb mushroom and falafel stuffing

Cook mushrooms to the consistency of ground beef. Blend chopped roasted chestnuts, smoked oysters or clams and dried cranberries for New England stuffing. Make German Jager (hunter) stuffing with button mushroom caps or fresh sliced mini Bella mushrooms, grapes and veggies. Or make Mediterranean diet friendly fava bean dressing with falafel mix. Season with mirepoix, cumin, garlic, and sumac--perfect for "My 600-lb Life" low carb eating.

Very veggie gluten-free harvest stuffing

Make a breadless stuffing with chopped green or purple cabbage, broccoli, carrots, squash, zucchini, pumpkin, Brussels sprouts or mashed cauliflower. Saute vegetables and swap bread for TVP (textured vegetable protein) for gluten-free dressing. Add ground nuts and bean flour. Make vegan or vegetarian stuffing using vegetable broth for chicken broth and cooking in olive oil or coconut oil.