With the holiday season upon us yet again and the work year winding down, we begin to enter the most indulgent period of the year. While the delicious delicacies of the season are what makes it all the more enjoyable, the dangers of overindulgence are very real and can lead to discomfort, pain and even more serious health effects. So how do we avoid what seems to be the inevitable? Follow our Top Tips for reducing or eliminating overindulgence this Thanksgiving to consume less and enjoy more!

Arrive on a semi-satisfied belly

One great way to ensure you don't eat every deep-fried, cheesy, or salty appetizer insight, is to eat a healthy snack or small meal prior to arriving at the big event.

This way, you're not ravenously seeking out every passing tray, and you are free to sample each and every tasty morsel in a refined and dignified way.

Balance is key

When filling your plate, ensure you have composed a well-balanced meal, including as many vegetables as possible, and aren't overdoing it on the heavy meats and carbs. A suggested rule is to only serve yourself a maximum of two tablespoons of anything borderline, or outright unhealthy dish. This way, you are not totally depriving yourself and are sampling all the riches a typical Thanksgiving feast has to offer.

Proximity = Mindless consumption

To avoid mindlessly munching on one hundred and eleven pieces of pumpkin pie, make sure you don't sit yourself down in front of the source, and place yourself as far away as possible from the dessert table.

It is so easy to overindulge when deep in conversation, so by eliminating the proximity element, you're well on your way to enjoying just one piece of that tasty pie. Or two...who are we kidding, it's Thanksgiving!

Don't drink your calories

Alcohol is the grand companion of any holiday feast, but we often forget that the calories it contains, particularly within sugary mixed drinks, also contribute to our excessive consumption.

Obviously, no alcohol is the healthiest way to avoid this, but come on now; that's really not an option!

The next best thing is to limit the number of alcoholic drinks you consume, pace your drinking with intermittent glasses of water, and ensure you are eating enough food to match your drinking consumption. Another great tip is to say no to refill offers from others while socializing and chatting.

These mindless little acts often go unnoticed and lead to overconsumption before you even realize it. Instead, pace yourself by refilling your own glass during breaks in conversation or other appropriate moments.

So keep our top tips in mind this holiday season, with the hopes of consuming less and enjoying more, food-wise, health-wise and with loved ones.