A new theme park that is centered around food is about to open its doors to the public in November 2017, Pop Sugar reported. Eataly World will house restaurants, markets, food factories and even food-themed rides that enthusiasts will enjoy.

Located in Bologna, FICO Eataly World is a wide theme park with 20 acres of attractions and multimedia experiences that are focused on celebrating the “art of heritage of Italian food,” the report noted. If disneyland is a place dedicated to its productions, this new theme park is going to be one the world’s biggest food-themed destinations.

“Let yourself be captured by all the unique colors, aromas and taste of Italy’s past, present, and future,” the official website stated. “We made a dream come true. The taste and the beauty of Italy illustrated to all citizens of the world in a huge and joyful place.”

Free admission

One of the best things about this upcoming theme park is offering guests and visitors with free admission, which means that entrance to the location is free of charge. It will be opened on November 15, 2017, according to their official website.

Eataly World exemplifies the diversity of the region’s food and wine industry, from its production to being served to the general public. This food-themed destination is expected to draw millions of visitors not just from Europe but from around the world.

A Press Release posted on the website revealed that a ribbon-cutting ceremony will be held in the following weeks.

Main attractions

A theme park will never be complete without the spectacle and the rides that the guests can experience.

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Because the location is centered on food, it will promote an entirely new experience that has not been seen and felt elsewhere.

Eataly World’s website also revealed that there will be walk-through attractions and tours that are created for tourists, families, and children. There will also be marketplaces and stores where visitors can purchase the ingredients of the food presented in the park’s attractions.

The area will have available spaces for food-related workshops, meetings, and conferences. Multi-purpose spaces will also be provided for large conventions and corporate events.

Furthermore, Eataly World will never be complete without a set of restaurants where visitors can try various cuisines, both local and international. There will also be educational rides that children will certainly enjoy, such as the journey through the history of cooking food, according to a press release posted on the website.