An official from Dairy Queen expressed her desire to expand the business and serve non-dessert menu items in the future, Nation’s Restaurant News reported. The fast-food restaurant has been serving Ice Cream and cakes to its patrons. Maria Hokanson, the brand’s newest executive vice-president of marketing, told Nation’s Restaurant News that Dairy Queen might “broaden its menu and customer base” soon. This will be done through serving just like what other restaurants do.

“Families’ lives are so chaotic. Whether they’re out at lunch or having an evening snack, we want to be the right place for them,” Hokanson said.

She added that they are always looking at more possibilities to expand their fan base as well.

Snack items

Dairy Queen’s new marketing executive noticed that customers sometimes prefer to eat snacks than to consume “square meals” every day. Therefore, she thought of building a menu that is focused on snacks instead of just offering the present items on their list. She also believed that dessert restaurants like DQ can work together to add more items in this category, the report added. To do this, the chain can improve by remodeling its existing stores worldwide and through taking the opportunity to enhance their digital influence.

Hokanson noted that more fans are reaching out to DQ today, opening more “dialogue and conversations.” An increased number of patrons and customers checks them out through digital spaces.

“It was such a fun project to work on. It helped build a growth trajectory for the food business,” she added in the report.

Current menu

Data showed that the restaurant chain industry can increase its sales by offering food, Nation’s Restaurant News reported. Today, Dairy Queen is known for serving its famous upside-down blizzard ice cream flavors.

These flavors include Oreo, Reese’s, M&M’s and Butterfinger. Moreover, the fast-food chain also serves Triple Chocolate Brownie, Fudged Stuffed Cookie, Funnel Cake, the DQ Sandwich and various flavors of Sundaes. Though there are hamburgers, chicken, and fries on the menu, the company still wants to add more choices to their growing list.

Hokanson has been in the retail marketing industry for more than two decades. The dessert restaurant had struggled for years to improve its menu until it began launching its quick-service meal packages, the report said. Until today, they are encountering challenges but they make sure to face them with full conviction and quality service.