Imagine going to a supermarket chain and buying a burger package for dinner, but when you open the box, you find a message from the Cow, that was slaughtered to be turned into the food. The animal claims that you are responsible for the death of a living being who wanted to live. As reported by the news agencies Mail Online and Deadline News, something similar happened with a British woman 'Camilla Moser,' a 25-year-old advertising executive - but of course, it was not a bovine who wrote the note.

The Bizarre incident of a hamburger

The bizarre incident occurred when Camilla Moser headed to a unit of the Sainsbury's supermarket chain - the company owns the second largest chain of this type of trade throughout the United Kingdom - located in the Flam district of west London.

Once at the market, the woman decided to take home a package containing two burgers from the Taste the Difference brand, and until that moment it seemed like everything was okay with the meal.

However, when the woman arrived home and took the outer casing off the food, she came across the message that illustrates this report, which includes the photo of a cow - apparently inside a slaughterhouse, about to be killed - with the following message "My name was Chloe, I wanted to live! Your 'personal choice' killed me! Do not buy it!"

'Bizarre Hamburger': making a complaint

Camilla Moser was shocked by what she found - as well as everyone she disclosed the incident to - and said the "accusatory" sticker was not stuck behind the supermarket packaging identifying the product but stuck on a protective layer of cellophane which holds the meat sealed inside a tray.For the advertising executive, this may have been the "inner work" of some animal rights activist who must have "infiltrated" the supermarket packaging factory or the retailer's distribution center.

The Sainsbury's network maintains an official Facebook page, and Moser decided to send them a short video showing her discovery - accompanied by a text where she pointed out that she did not expect to receive a "greetings" (not friendly, by the way) from an animal.

Apologizing for the incident

A spokeswoman for the company responded to the British woman's posting, apologizing for the incident and stating what steps would be taken. Also, it was said that she would be refunded for the value of the burgers (£3, about $12.80) in the form of points that are accumulated in a loyalty program.