It's summertime, temperatures are high and we try to find a safe haven. Beach is our savior. Most people imagine going to the beach as the time for relaxation and unwinding. We want to feel stress-free but wrong food choices can create a counter effect. If you want to be sure you will fully enjoy your day at the beach, be careful with the food you choose.

What should I avoid?

We spend most of our time at the beach swimming and sunbathing but food always finds its place as well. Most people eat before going to the beach and definitely have at least one meal while there.

Eating is okay, as long as you choose right. Dairy products could really make your day at the beach go wrong. Dairy products can cause stomach problems even in people who are not lactose intolerant. You can feel gassy and bloated and the fun may end there. Avoid consuming cheese, ice-cream, iced coffee and similar foods if you want to make sure nothing will ruin your day. Salty and spicy foods can have a similar effect so try to avoid them as well.

What should I eat?

During summer, sky is the limit when it comes to salads since almost all ingredients are available to us during this period at cheap prices. Try googling recipes for light and healthy salads. You can add some chicken meat as well.

Even those who are not fans can create a combination that will be both tasty and light. Your stomach will thank you and you'll enjoy your day.

Oats and oatmeal

This has been another food trend in the last couple of years, with the impact of food bloggers. Oats are commonly eaten for breakfast as they're considered light. They are nutritious enough, rich in antioxidants and contain many fibers.

These are all reasons oats and oatmeal would be a great choice before hitting the beach as your stomach will not be burdened. Again, follow recipes or create some yourself, based on your personal preferences. It will be yummy and light.


Whether you will pack and bring it in the form of a fruit salad or eat it in its original form is up to you.

Fruits are light, give you enough energy needed for the day and won't have a bloating effect. Avoid adding creams since they go into the dairy category, fruit itself is enough.


Try avoiding strong cakes and cupcakes and rather opt for cookies. You can buy whole-grain cookies or bake them yourself. Add ingredients that are light and will make a good combination. This is a great way to add up to your awesome day at the beach.