National Ice Cream Sandwich Day is observed every year on August 2. There are many other national days for the sweet frozen food; however, this is the only one reserved just for the sandwiches Other ways of eating ice cream don't count. Don't give into eating it from a cone, bowl, in a sundae or in a banana split. Be like the rest of the world on this particular day and enjoy an ice cream sandwich.

It might be surprising that when this treat first came about in the 1900s, it was sold for only a penny. Shoppers can't purchase anything for a penny today.

Back then, the sandwiches were sold on the street from vendors who pushed carts throughout neighborhoods. Of course, they were not made the same way they are made today.

The first ones were made at a very low cost. That's why they could be sold at such a low price. Besides, they were not as big as they are today. A small portion of ice cream was placed between biscuits.

The sandwiches today

The sandwich that is consumed today did not come about until it was invented in 1945 by Jerry Newberg. Instead of the frozen cream being between biscuits, it was placed between chocolate cookies, oatmeal cookies or rice crispy wafers.

The sandwiches that are known around the world today come in many different flavors.

For a long time, vanilla was the only flavor. The sandwich is not limited to the oblong one. For instance, the Klondike sandwiches are square and much fatter.

How to celebrate

August 2 is the day to do what others are doing. You can join in the fun and enjoy the refreshing treat wherever you are. You might be at the beach on vacation or working at the office.

Just carve out some time during the day to eat an ice cream sandwich.

If you don't have any in your freezer, make your own if you have a carton of ice cream. Do this by simply placing a scoop between two cookies, waffles, or slices of cake and voilà you have created your own sandwich

You could always go out to your local grocery store and pick up some to share with your family as an after meal treat.

Even though there is one day a year set aside to celebrate, the delicious treat is good all year long.

Some ice cream parlors offer customers a freebie or one at a discount when they purchase a sandwich on National Ice Cream Day.

Share this information with others so they can get in on the act as well. They will appreciate the information and take some sandwiches home to their family after finding out about this notable day.