Most people like Ice Cream, and some people like barbecue. However, it might be a small number of people who would say they love barbecue ice cream. The dessert is being added to the menu of a Kansas City, Missouri shop on Sunday, July 16. The new flavor is being released on that particular date because it is National Ice Cream Day. The owner thought it would be a good time to debut his new creation.

One of the main ingredients include the burnt ends made from smoked brisket. They are mixed in the ice cream to give the dish a unique flavor that customers will love.

The recipe

The owner of Betty Rae's Ice Cream parlor has been working on a recipe for a while. David Friesen is convinced he has the perfect recipe after he has been experimenting with several recipes for about a year. He says he has finally gotten it right.

Friesen's recipe has a sweet cream base with swirls of caramel combined with barbecue sauce. Also included are burnt ends of barbecue that have been candied with brown sugar. Friesen explained the ingredients by saying the sweet cream base is neutral. The barbecue sauce gives the dish a distinct flavor with a lot of tang combined with the sweetness of the caramel. The smoky burnt ends give the dessert a nice crunch. When all the ingredients are added together, the treat is really delicious, according to Friesen.

Friesen says this is just one of his unique creation. He will continue to add other dishes. He is trying to figure out how to use pickles to create another flavor. After all, pregnant women eat pickles and ice cream separately. He is thinking about combining the two into one dish.

Reactions from customers

Most people who have been early customers of the new flavor say they really do love the combination.

They advise people not to knock it before they try it. Customers who have had a sample of the unique flavor describe it as a taste between sweet and smoky with a chewy, salty, bacon-like flavor.

Kansas City ice cream shops are known to experiment with different flavors. They add vegetables, herbs, spices, and alcohol. Betty Rae's website has a menu that includes some alcoholic combinations such as vodka, rum, and bourbon in ice cream.

Betty Rae already has 24 homemade flavors. Now with the new creation, there will be 25 homemade flavors. The price ranges from $2.75 for a single scoop to $4.75 for two scoops.

Would barbecue ice cream be something you would be willing to try? Do you think you will like it?