Some people get discouraged when trying to lose weight because they want to lose a lot at once. The best way is to #Lose Weight gradually. There are ways to cut #Calories without even noticing the difference. Try the following ways by substituting one food for another. You will be surprised that by substituting some foods, you can save up to 500 fewer each day.

According to registered dietitians and nutritionists, the following foods are not only healthy with fewer calories, but they also contain less sugar. In some cases, the swapped food contains more protein.


A good tip to follow for breakfast is to eat savory instead of sweet foods.

You can slash about 350 calories that way by foregoing muffins and pancakes with syrup. Eating poached eggs with a piece of wheat toast will keep you fuller much longer and save you calories.

This might be hard to believe, but if you skip the fries and eat another plain burger, you can cut from 100-500 calories from your meal. If you feel like you need more after eating one loaded hamburger, simply order a plain burger in place of your usual French fries.

Carry your own snack with you when you are out and about instead of grabbing something on the go. You can save up to 100-500 calories by doing so. Carry sliced apples, carrots, or celery in a plastic bag instead of grabbing a candy bar or chips from a vending machine.


Save up to 300 calories a day by giving up sugary drinks. Drink bubbly water or plain water instead.

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You can drink a seltzer or unsweetened tea. To save about 400 calories, don't drink a chocolate milkshake. Eat a small portion of dark chocolate in place of the milkshake. It is always better to eat your calories instead of drinking them. For instance, a person can cut about 100 calories by eating fruit instead of drinking its juice. Also, the nutrients are more prominent in fruits and vegetables than in the juice that comes from them. Besides, most of the fiber is removed from a fruit that has been juiced.

If you eat an orange, you will cut about 100 calories. However, if you drink a 12-ounce glass of orange juice you would be drinking the equivalent of a can of soda, which has the same amount of carbohydrates and sugar as a bag of M&Ms with no fiber at all.

Forget the toppings for your drinks. Sure, they will make your drinks pretty, but they also add calories. You can save up to 100 calories by not using whipped cream on top of your smoothies and lattes. The empty calories would give you only temporary satisfaction anyway. #swap foods