A press release from the Antarctica Heritage Trust reported that conservators unearthed a 106-year-old fruit cake from Cape Adare in the region. The fruit cake is housed inside a container made of tin, but experts who discovered it said that it looked and smelled “almost edible.”

According to the Antarctica Heritage Trust, the fruit cake might have probably come from a Terra Nova expedition back in the early 1900s. The expedition was reportedly spearheaded by the Northern Party of an explorer who was based in Cape Adare in Antarctica.

The artifact was discovered to be manufactured by Huntley & Palmers. Wrapped in paper and shielded by a tin-plated alloy made with iron, the fruit cake raised debates on social media with regards to its preservation.

In the press release, the program manager of the team behind the serendipity noted that there is a “very slight” buttery smell to the cake, but it looked edible. Program manager Lizzie Meek added that it might have been preserved even better because of the climate in that region where it was found.

Explorer’s cake

The team of conservators present during the moment the cake has been unearthed figured out where the food item could have come from. They have been staying at the Canterbury Museum laboratory in New Zealand for their work in Antarctica, the press release noted. The Trust stated that it might belong to an earlier expedition led by an explorer named Robert Scott.

The project that started in 2016 reportedly was about to finish when they accidentally found the container filled with the fruitcake.

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The team said it came “quite a surprise,” and would be a great addition to their discoveries.

Meek added in her statement that the renowned holiday dessert is loaded with higher levels of sugar, making it perfect for the Antarctic climate, known to be colder than most parts of the world.

Early treat

For those asking whether the fruit cake has been tried by the conservators, there have been no reports yet on a possible celebration with the newfound delight. The release also did not give any information on what the team did to the cake afterward, aside from including it to their collection.

The Antarctica Heritage Trust has a mission to continue the efforts of early Antarctic explorers such as Sir Edmund Hillary and Captain Robert Falcon Scott, the official website stated. They reportedly have outreach programs and expeditions aimed at inspiring the youth for these kinds of ventures, it added.