Beginning this September, Domino’s Pizza customers in Michigan will have to get their pizza from a car that literally has no driver. One of the largest pizza chains in the world has unveiled its self-driving #Pizza Delivery cars, in the first ever trial run of this project, #Food And Wine reported.

The state of Michigan is fortunate enough to be chosen as the venue of the trial run. The report said randomly selected customers in the city of Ann Arbor will take part in this one-of-a-kind pizza delivery experience.

Domino’s Pizza partnered with Ford Motor Company to provide these driverless pizza delivery vehicles. The company chose to use a Ford Fusion Hybrid Autonomous Car for their recent project, Food and Wine added.

How this works

In order to receive their pizza orders, each customer will receive a unique delivery code that matches the last four digits of their mobile number. This code, according to the report, will unlock the heatwave compartment inside the car, and begin preparing their pizza orders.

Instead of waiting for the Domino’s delivery vehicle right at their doorsteps, customers will have to meet the car curbside – since a delivery guy is not on the scene – to fetch their orders. Both Ford and the pizza company are excited to make this project as comfortable as possible for their loyal patrons, Food and Wine further noted.

But it does not mean that no person will man the car, and it will literally be on the road just by itself. According to the article, the safety engineer will still be inside the vehicle in case there will be a need to manually drive it.

But the idea remains that the cars used are driverless ones.

Brisbane, Australia

Domino’s USA President Russell Weiner told The Verge that they want to focus on the importance of understanding how people will react with these new method of delivery. They will look into whether people will or will not interact with the automobiles.

Since the customers will just interact with an external screen instead of a human being, the company also seeks to study how far people are willing to go in order to taste their products. This is not the first time autonomous delivery vehicles were tested.

Food and Wine also reported that this technology has been tested in Brisbane, Australia in 2016. The Verge added that the company has already placed around 100 units of these cars, fully prepared to take on this new innovation for customers in the state of Michigan in the United States.