A quirky and funky Museum of Ice Cream has opened in Los Angeles and has invited celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow and the Kardashians. The museum contains a pool of sprinkles and is decorated with inflatable games.

The endeavor has novelties like Chocolate Factory and is a new mecca for ice cream lovers in the city and country. The museum has a pastel colored facade and a pop culture background and is full of novelty areas like the banana room, gummy bear room, sherbert room beside a gift shop and ice cream sprinkle swimming pool.

Popular with celebrities

The museum has proved to be a big hit and has been graced by ice cream lovers and pop culture freaks. The museum has also proved to be popular in social media and has brought top-notch Hollywood celebrities besides culture buffs.

In addition to the use of bananas and sprinkles, the museum also features top-notch brands like McConnells and Salt and Straw besides special mocha delicacies. The museum is a whimsical new endeavor, and one can shoot colorful collages and selfies in the parlor beside gorging on a variety of various brands.

Ice Cream Art

The museum has been developed in a modest building in the arts district of Los Angeles city, and friendly faces would greet one the moment one enters the building.

The novelty museum is also a part art exhibition and part tasting room and offers one full visual delight of eclectic and quirky art and funky brands.

The museum is open for a few months and has delighted locals and tourists alike. There is a California room with a ‘scoop of the week’ featuring celebrating finest creameries from the state.

Hollywood stars come there and enjoy Nirvana as do other regular folks.

The Chocolate Factory features thousands of bananas hanging from the ceiling besides a banana phone and countless photo opportunities. In the Sherbert Room, one can enjoy minty mochi and crushed cacao besides a cotton candy claw machine. There is also a room with popsicle art and colorful art installations.

The Gummy Bear room features a lot of plastic bears, and one can even start an interactive light show with them. There is an art room where cones line the walls along with cookie dough samples in kid style cones. The sprinkle pool is full of sprinkles, and one can even take a dip there without fearing germs as the sprinkles are made of antimicrobial plastic. The museum is the sweetest new museum of the city and fascinates children and adults alike.