One of the things that make Travel worth remembering is the ultimate search for different cuisines and gastronomic classics. While there are thousands of dishes that you could find in the world, let us admit that some culinary delights stand out among the others. From the mouth-watering savory dishes to the most delicious treats for people who have a sweet tooth, there is a culinary scene that suits you well.

This 2017, here are some of the best destinations that are perfect for people who are searching for the best culinary treats in the world.

Tokyo, Japan

In the international food scene, Japanese cuisine is one the most celebrated in the world. And if you are in search of the most authentic taste of the Japanese culinary delights, there are no other places that you visit other than the City of Tokyo. From local food stalls to five-star restaurants serving the finest Japanese classics, Tokyo will never fail to give you taste the most delicious Japanese specialties that you could ever imagine. In Tokyo, you will find the freshest catches, sashimi, tempuras, tsukudani, soba, live octopus, ramen, gyoza and more.

Chicago, Illinois

Chicago will never be the same without its most popular deep-dish pizzas and the juiciest hot dogs and steaks.

Overloaded with tons of delicious meats, cheese, pepperoni and other toppings, every bite of this perfectly-baked classic makes people want to go back to Chicago over and over again. On the other hand, if you are longing to indulge yourself to the most sumptuous steaks in America, the prime steakhouses in Chicago are also a thumbs-up.

From the cheapest to the finest bites of steaks, the streets of Chicago have it all for you. As per the U.S. News, aside from these classics, Chicago also houses restaurants that serve different culinary delights from all over the world – from Italian cuisine to Indian and Pakistani classics.

Seoul, South Korea

Aside from the world-famous Kpop sensation, South Korea has also managed to mark its name in the international gastronomic scene.

The country has put great importance on its traditional food specialties, most particularly, the country’s street foods. This is expressly seen in Seoul, South Korea where you can literally see streets being bombarded with hundreds of food stalls serving the tastiest Korean classics such as the tteok bok ki (Korean rice cakes that are bathed in a special Korean sauce), Korean Sundae (noodles-stuffed blood sausages), bibimbop, gamjatang, smoothies and other sweet serves.