In the last episode of “Game of Thrones” – Stormborn, Arya Stark, dropped by at the Inn at the Crossroads and was reunited with her old friend, Hot Pie. He has become a very good baker at the inn.

Arya mentioned that she had some experience baking pies as well – not mentioning that she served the Frey boys to the late Walder Frey. Outside the world of Westeros however, Hot Pie has opened his own shop to sell some baked goods.

Wolf bread for sale

Ben Hawkey, who plays Hot Pie in “Game of Thrones,” has opened a bakery in London serving bread inspired by the show.

The name of his shop is You Know Nothing Jon Dough. The bakery and its bread is an instant hit with the fans of the show.

According to Digital Spy, the bakery operates exclusively through the U.K. delivery service “Deliveroo”. Though the bakery just opened on July 17, there is already a high demand for the bakery’s bread. The abundant orders made the app sometimes inaccessible.

The actor said that the favorite among the show’s fans is the Direwolf Loaf. In Season 3 of the show, when Arya and Gendry were to leave, Hot Pie said he won’t be going with them. The innkeeper was impressed with his baking skills and offered him a job.

Before Arya and Gendry left, Hot Pie gave Arya a loaf of bread roughly shaped like a direwolf.

In Season 4, when Brienne of Tarth and Podrick Payne stopped at the inn, Hot Pie gave them a better-looking loaf of bread shaped like a direwolf to be given to Arya when they find her.

The iconic direwolf loaves are now available through the bakery for $1.30 (or £1). The actor created his own secret recipe and fans are asking him for it.

It is said that the bread is made of whole wheat cornbread with a hint of orange zest. Hawkey also said that the loaf is best served slightly warm with soft butter.


While Arya was eating some pie and drinking some ale, Hot Pie informed her of the recent events in Westeros like the destruction of the Great Sept of Baelor.

When Arya told him that she’s headed to King’s Landing for Cersei and because the Boltons have Winterfell.

Hot Pie told her that House Bolton is gone and Jon Snow is now the King in the North after winning the Battle of the Bastards - Arya even thought that he was lying. She abruptly changed her travel plans and decided to travel North, going home.

Before leaving the Inn, Arya told Hot Pie to take care of himself and to try not to get killed. He even noted that Arya is pretty for someone who he thought was a boy.

The third episode of Season 7 “The Queen’s Justice” will be on HBO on July 30.