You may have been reminded by a friend or two about your overindulgence in coffee – now you have the perfect comeback. A new study has found that consuming three or more cups of coffee a day could help prevent the hardening of the liver and chronic Liver Disease. The same benefits are acquired with frequent tea consumption, according to the same study.

More reasons to love coffee

Researchers in Amsterdam studied over 2,000 participants within the 45 years and over age mark. After completing a questionnaire about their diets and a thorough health screening, they were divided into three groups based on their coffee consumption: no, moderate (>0–3), or frequent (⩾3) intake (cups/day), and tea further into green, black, and herbal tea (no/any).

As per the Journal of Hepatology, researchers found that coffee consumption was significantly associated with less scarring of liver tissue, and that held true even when other lifestyle and dietary factors were controlled for. In fact, the researchers concluded that drinking just a little coffee or tea each day could help prevent damage that eventually leads to liver disease. And in case you need a reminder, liver disease is the 12th leading cause of death in the U.S., and the sixth most common cancer in the world, with nearly 800,000 cases diagnosed in 2012, according to the World Cancer Research Fund.

Coffee is life

Researchers believe coffee and tea’s liver benefits come from antioxidant compounds that have an anti-inflammatory effect on your body, including your liver.

It’s one of the richest sources of Chlorogenic acid (part of the phenolic acid family/antioxidants) which reduces oxidative stress and inflammation. Previous research suggests antioxidants are helpful in fending off certain types of cancers, including, throat and mouth, skin, chest, prostate, among many others.

The idea for the research was sparked by the fact that the typical Western diet is filled with so much junk that leads to non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, and knowledge of tea and coffee’s many health benefits.

Along with regular consumption of coffee or tea, one should also be wary of liver disease risk factors. The American Cancer Society says such risk factors include tobacco use, excessive alcohol consumption, obesity, aflatoxins, and type 2 diabetes.

It's worth mentioning that the published study does not suggest that everyone should start chugging three or more cups of coffee or tea a day. Certain groups should avoid high caffeine intake, such as pregnant women.