A new study conducted by the American Heart Association delved into the link between dietary fats and cardiovascular disease and suggests that Coconut Oil is as unhealthy as butter and beef fat. The AHA study states that the coconut oil is filled with Saturated Fat, which can increase the amount of low-density lipoprotein (LDL) also known as “bad cholesterol.”

It is believed that the saturated fat in coconut oil, which is sold as a healthy food item, is better than other such options. However, the AHA differs and explains that there are no studies to support this belief.

Fat differs from food to food

Given the fact that different types of food items have different amounts of saturated fat, it can be quite confusing to decide which one to eat and which one to avoid. While it is generally believed that animal substances such as lard can be bad for health, oils extracted from plants and sunflowers and olives are considered healthier options. AHA, on the other hand, has a different assertion.

According to AHA, coconut oil – which is derived from coconuts – contains 82 percent of LDL or bad cholesterol. If LDL is mixed in blood, it increases the cholesterol and may block arteries, leading to an increase in the risk of cardiovascular diseases or strokes.

How much fat do other products have?

Compared to the saturated content of coconut oil, butter has 63 percent, pork lard has 39 percent, and beef drippings have 50 percent. Thus, from the numbers, it is clear that the theory of animal fats being more harmful to our health is incorrect.

Some experts maintain that the mixture of fats found in coconut oil still makes it a healthier option over other saturated options.

However, AHA disagrees on this as well. The organization states that there is no evidence to prove this theory and maintains that people should restrict their saturated substance consumption and must replace some of it with unsaturated vegetable oils, such as sunflower and olive oil or their spreads.

Swap saturated fats with unsaturated ones: study

The latest study shows that if one replaces some of the saturated fat from their daily diet with unsaturated food items, it can help one lower the cholesterol level (equivalent to the scale cholesterol-lowering drugs works on our bodies). Even in the UK, Public Health England advises individuals to reduce the amount they are taking in and to be mindful of what they put into their bodies.