Ordinary people all over the world have made UFO sightings once in a while and it is all hearsay. There is very little evidence except some images snapped by a few lucky persons who happened to be in possession of photographic equipment. However, airplane pilots, as well as those in the armed forces, have also seen such strange scenes and The Pentagon took note of these and launched an investigation. An official of the U.S. Department of Defense confirmed this.

Daily Mail UK reports the investigation undertaken by the Pentagon related to “the occurrence of mysterious and unexplained aircraft.” It was made public in 2017.

Of course, there is a difference in terminology. While the whole world terms it as Unidentified Flying Object (UFO), the Pentagon preferred to call it as Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP). It was in keeping with the British terminology. As explained by Nick Pope, a former British defense official.

U.S. Navy issues guidelines

The U.S. Navy has issued new guidelines on collecting information about UFO sightings.

It implies that there are such occurrences and one interpretation is that these could be “extremely advanced Russian aircraft” and not an object from a distant planet.

Navy personnel have indicated an increase in such sightings that appear to be highly advanced aircraft and they violate the US air space. A spokesperson for the Navy has admitted this to a section of the media in April.

One usually associates strange sights in the skies with aliens from other planets. Hence, there is a curiosity among the people and like-minded persons share such information.

Daily Mail UK adds that over the years, the U.S.

Government has gradually realized that the subject of UFO deserves some sort of priority. In 2017, a former Pentagon official admitted to the presence of a UFO-focused government operation to study the phenomenon. The intention was to assess possible threats to national security. It seems pilots of two U.S. Navy fighter aircraft reported spotting a UFO on a training mission. Such sightings are believed to be more authentic.

Investigation on UFOs continue

According to the New York Post, the Pentagon admits that it still investigates reports of UFOs. The Department of Defense says it terminated the AATIP in 2012, but a spokesman revealed that the department still investigates claimed sightings of alien spacecraft.

The reason is to ensure positive identification of all aircraft that appear in the US airspace.

It could turn out to be a threat to the homeland. Incidentally, American link to aliens stems from Area-51 in Nevada. This is a top-secret military installation, where an alien craft is stored. It had crashed in Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947. Apollo astronauts had seen UFOs, as confirmed by lie-detector tests