Finally! The college semester is close to ending, and the stress of homework and exams will be over soon. The last few weeks of the semester are significant because finals can make or break your grade in college classes. Here’s a small guide to help you finish the school year strong.

Stop procrastinating

Procrastination is a big problem that college students often face. There are a number of distractions that could derail your studying.

Removing those distractions can better enable you to focus more on the task at hand. Remove, from your vicinity, devices like cell phones and tablets.

If you utilize your cell phone for music to study, try your hardest to avoid searching on social media.

Also, remember to take breaks while you study. According to a report at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, it's been found that students who take multiple breaks throughout their study session had higher mental stamina when compared to those who took fewer breaks. So, take multiple breaks! For every 45-50 minutes of studying, take a 5-10 minute mental break. This helps you avoid tiring yourself out. Another way to prevent yourself from procrastinating is to decide what to study first. Studying the hardest items first then progressing to easy items will make you feel motivated and confident in your progress.

If you’re studying during dead week (the week before finals) then starting in the morning after having breakfast allows you to get your task done while energized.

Take care of your mental health

College is known to cause stress, which in turn can cause depression and anxiety. Drink plenty of water, take breaks from studying, and get enough sleep.

Prevent overworking yourself from cramming multiple assignments into one night, because this causes stress and anxiety. Also, move around while you’re taking your study break. Stretch or go for a walk. If you're able to stay on your phone for a limited time during a study break, browse the web or social media for a little bit.

If you're stressed, take a break, relax, and think positive thoughts for a couple of minutes. Remember that the semester is almost over and soon there'll be no homework, studying, or tests to worry about.

Organize your study and exam time

Organization is key when it comes to college life. There are multiple ways to organize your study sessions and exam schedule. One way to organize is using Sticky Notes on the computer. Separate your exams by putting the days of the week in bold, followed by a hyphen or colon and put the activities that are important for that day (ex. Monday: Study for Psychology Class from 11-2).

Spread out urgent studying sessions throughout multiple days. Make a note of when your examinations are so you know which study session to prioritize.

Another way to organize is using a study planner. Pinterest has multiple free study planners and templates that can be printed right at home. You can also purchase study planners from Walmart of Amazon.

Remember the end goal

You started college because you wanted to make a difference in your life and become successful. Countless hours and money have been spent to make sure that your life shifts to the path of happiness. Remember that your success comes from completing that degree, so make sure you try your hardest to finish the school semester strong.