Derek Jeter and 7 others who hope to get the call to Cooperstown for 2020

Derek Jeter will be eligible for the first time in 2020. [Image Source: Flickr | robert2427]
Derek Jeter will be eligible for the first time in 2020. [Image Source: Flickr | robert2427]

The Hall of Fame ceremony on Sunday saw six new players inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

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Sunday was the 2019 Baseball Hall of Fame Ceremony which celebrated the induction of six new players: Mariano Rivera, Roy Halladay, Edgar Martinez, Mike Mussina, Lee Smith, and Harold Baines.

After Derek Jeter, the list of players who will be eligible for the first time in 2020 doesn’t seem to include anyone else who will be close to be elected on the first-ballot (players such as Bobby Abreu, Jason Giambi, Josh Beckett, Paul Konerko, and Alfonso Soriano).

Here are eight players (seven who have been previously eligible) and some of their accolades during their career which could help build a case. Not included are Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens. Everyone knows their numbers are awe-inspiring, it’s just a matter of what side you are on as to whether PED users should get in.

Remember 75 percent of the vote is needed to be inducted. For the seven players other than Jeter, their voting percentage is given for the 2019 ballot.


Derek Jeter - Yankees (1995-2014)

Jeter’s historic 20-year career with the Yankees saw him as a member of five World Series-winning teams, make 14 All-Star teams, and win five Gold Gloves and Silver Sluggers. He finished with 3,465 hits (sixth all-time) and 1,923 runs (11th all-time). He’s getting in on his first ballot, it’s just a matter of who will be joining him.


Curt Schilling - Orioles (1988-90), Astros (1991), Phillies (1992-2000), Diamondbacks (2000-03), Red Sox (2004-07)

One of the great postseason pitchers of all-time (11-2, 2.23 ERA in 19 starts), Schilling received 60.9 percent of the votes in his seventh year on the ballot. Unfortunately for him, some controversial statements he has made may be keeping him out. He was a World Series MVP, three-time World Series winner, and his 3,116 career strikeouts rank 15th all-time.

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