Animal influencers have become big business on social media, and these five dogs, (and one cat!) are no exception. Each one has millions of followers across various social media platforms, and their owners often have to quit their day jobs in order to cater to the growing success of their four-legged branding opportunities.

Here are just a few of the best ways these dapper dogs are able to show off what the holiday season means to them.

6. Dolly Pawton

Dolly is a London-based, 2-year-old chihuahua who lists her work as an "LGBT activist" as her main priority.

But, she is also a model who recently fronted a campaign for U.K. clothing brand "Missguided" and has been featured on Yahoo! Style and People.

With her trademark snark and sass, Dolly sends a concise list of Christmas demands, directly to the big man in red, Santa Claus:

5. Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund

Crusoe lives in Canada near his brother Oakley and has over 2.3 million followers on Facebook alone. When he's not masquerading as Batman or busy playing with his favorite squeeker toy, he can often be found helping his parents with basic home renovation.

Like any good home repair expert, Crusoe has been busy doing some final checks around the house to ensure Christmas runs smoothly:

4. Grumpy Cat

Her name might actually be Tardar Sauce, but the world continues to know her as one of the original animal influencers, Grumpy Cat!

With a comic book series, a line of t-shirts, and her own Christmas movie listed as just a few of the 1071 "official" items available for purchase from her website, Grumpy Cat continues to be one of the most popular animals online.

Known best for sarcastic, yet shareable memes, this holiday photo is perfect for the season:

3. Brus Griffin

A tiny Brussels Griffon, this internet superstar-in-the-making is probably best known for donning an ill-fitting brown suit as part of a car salesman character, created by her owner Stephanie.

The pair have gone on to create a number of gender-bending characters that may not always be P.C., but are always hilarious and adorable.

Here, Brus shows fans a new and inventive way to decorate the Christmas tree, and considers upgrading the Elf on a Shelf:

2. Ella Bean

Rescued from the horrendous conditions of a puppy mill, Ella is now a 4-pound pampered pup in the big city!

Often photographed with her own "Bean-sized" laptop and glasses, she travels the world as an advocate for animal rescue.

Having the ultimate "Santa Baby" moment, Ella models the hottest looks this season, both for the tree and your four-legged friends:

1. Doug the Pug

Proclaiming himself the "King of Pop Culture," Doug the Pug has a massive 9 million social media followers and over 1 billion views on Youtube. With a NY Times Bestselling book, a children's coloring book, and a Christmas tree ornament line, it should come as no surprise that Doug tops this holiday list.

Be sure to turn up your speakers for this clip from Doug's Twitter account to get the full holiday effect:

It's still early in the season, so be sure to add your favorite holiday animal posts as they happen, in the comments below!