5 high-quality bluetooth speakerphones

Speaker equalizer filter. - [Stux / Pixabay]
Speaker equalizer filter. - [Stux / Pixabay]

A variety of brands, options, and prices for speakerphones. Depending on the needs of consumers, each brand offers different features and benefits.

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Bluetooth may be a term only associated with wireless technology. The inventor is Jacobus Cornelis Haarten. He is a Dutch electrical engineer and inventor. Fast forward to the present. In 2019 there are five high-quality speakerphones worthy of mention because of their features and functionality. There are also five high-quality quiet and cool fans.

The first speakerphone is the eMeet OfficeCore M2. It is compact and portable, weighing 1.3 pounds. It comes in three modes: Bluetooth, USB, and auxiliary. The retail price is $ 189.99.The speakerphone works great for conference calls or music thanks to its four omnidirectional microphones.

The second device on the list is the Soaiy S-32. This slick device clips securely on the car's visor to have it where you need during your commute. If you are on a budget it has a dedicated volume with integrated pick and end buttons. The retail price on Amazon is $29.99.

The Bluetooth Jabra Speak 710 is another speakerphone that stands out. It is good for voice calls and music. In addition, comes with a protective travel pouch. It is compatible with most devices and the asking price on Amazon is $199.99.

Another brand making a splash in this category is the Motorola Sonic Rider. One critical feature is that it can connect to two phones at the same time. It has a user-friendly interface and has noise reduction capabilities. The listed price is $30.99.

The speakerphone, iHome iBN26, is a visible brand in most electronic stores. The device allows you to take calls and stream audio as well. Great for conference calls, and can be used at home or at the office. The price of the device is $99.99.

Finally, all of these speakerphones are adapted to different needs and lifestyles.


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