5 quiet and cool fans on the market in 2019

Electric vector fan - (Image via SVG/Pixabay)
Electric vector fan - (Image via SVG/Pixabay)

Different fans come in different shapes and sizes. Each brand comes with a variety of features.

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The electric fan had its 135th anniversary. It was invented in 1882 by Schuyler Skaats Wheeler. Nowadays, all sorts of fans are available in the marketplace, and in 2019 there are five that stood out from the crowd based on features and benefits.

The TRUSTECH oscillating fan is a tower fan. Comes with remote control, quiet bladeless for cooling the house. It stands at 3.6ft at an asking price of $99. The overall assembly is straightforward and has three speeds.

The Honeywell HT350B table fan is convenient for flat surfaces, like tables or a windowsill. This fan controls the fan's blade to move between four different spinning speeds. The price on Amazon is $49.99.

The Rowenta VU5551 comes with four speeds and turbo silence. It stands at 16 inches and comes with remote control. It is considered a great alternative to a ceiling fan. The affordable price is $49.99.

The Lasko model 2511 stands at 36 inches. Has three quiet speeds and has multiple settings for customization. In addition, it comes with a programmable timer and oscillation capabilities. The listed price is $39.26.

The Ozeri Tower Fan comes with noise reduction technology. Its design is that of a contemporary speaker. It is composed of a thin tower body with a polished glass base. The retail price is $87.52.

Fans are not as sophisticated as vacuums, but there is innovation still happening around them. Depending on your needs, space, and purposes fans are much more robust than what they used to be.


TRUSTECH 3.6 ft standing and oscillating fan

The tower fan provides a gentle and ambient noise. It is equipped with bladeless high-velocity turbine airflow technology.


Honeywell QuietSet Table Oscillating Fan

The Honeywell quietSet and table oscillating fan is an exceptionally well-rounded fan that displays all of the strength and versatility.

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