While 2019 has just begun the true crime genre has become one of the biggest trends. But many people wonder why. While new shows premiere every year, TV appears to share a commonality. Whether it is superheroes, fantasy, or family dramas, networks focus on what's selling for them and create content based around it. This year, certain trends are popping up, including apocalypse and reboots. One that is definitely leaving its mark is true crime. Hulu also has a documentary on Fyre Festival.

The genre has flooded all platforms. No matter what method you use for your viewing pleasure, there's a show, film, or documentary that will entertain you.

This leads many to wonder why the genre is so popular and why viewers have not grown tired of it yet.

Crime genre has been popular for years

It's important to know what true crime is. The genre covers documentaries and shows about real-life crimes. When it comes to TV and movies, they use a bit more imagination when they put the specials together. Despite the horror of the crimes, we still tune in and want to be entertained.

The genre has not just been trending in 2019. Viewers who tuned in to ID and Reelz network have been watching true crime for years. However, these two networks focus more on hard facts, rather than the entertainment value. The genre really only entered the mainstream when Hollywood found a way to keep people interested.

The genre gaining fans on streaming services

While some people are still wondering why the genre has become so popular this year, there are a number of reasons. People love to see the villain being taken down by someone they wronged. Every genre-based show is fit around a mystery or story that keeps you invested. With true crime media, it adds an extra layer to the story, making it almost too unbelievable.

In 2019, almost every network has released its own true crime drama. TNT just concluded "I Am The Night," a series based on the Black Dahlia murder. "Leaving Neverland" and "Surviving R. Kelly" just aired. The genre gains popularity when it releases on streaming platforms.

Netflix and Hulu have grabbed onto the true crime train.

Netflix just released "Conversations With a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes." Netflix is also working on a reboot of "Unsolved Mysteries" and a new season of "Mindhunter." Hulu is scheduled to release "The Act," a true crime series. It doesn't appear that fans will be getting their fill anytime soon. The genre has now been focused on books, podcasts, YouTube videos, and articles.