5 foods to avoid during pregnancy

5 foods to avoid during pregnancy. [Image Credit: Canidiamesa / Pixabay]
5 foods to avoid during pregnancy. [Image Credit: Canidiamesa / Pixabay]

Some foods, that women crave during pregnancy, are potentially dangerous to the women and their unborn babies.

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\Pregnancy comes with cravings that could cause a woman to eat everything she sees. However, eating certain foods during pregnancy can do more harm than good to the pregnant woman and her unborn baby.


Raw meats

Raw meats that are not properly cooked should be avoided at all cost to avoid the invasion of microbes such as salmonella, coliform, or toxoplasmosis in the body. Some of these could result in food poisoning, miscarriage, or fetal death during delivery. Some raw fish are exposed to industrial pollutants such as polychlorinated biphenyls that can be hazardous to the health.


Fish with mercury

Many fish such as shark, swordfish, mackerel, and many more are supercharged with high levels of mercury and should be avoided. The reason is that mercury could negatively affect the health of the baby, cause brain damage developmental delays.

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