LeBron James injury status: 5 possible theories on why it's so unclear

LeBron James gives an update on his injury, image credit (YouTube, ESPN)
LeBron James gives an update on his injury, image credit (YouTube, ESPN)

Lets look at five theories about why Lebron's groin injury status is so obscure.

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Earlier this year LeBron James injured his groin and was helped off the court. The injury status, at that time, seemed clear and LeBron even tweeted out "Dodged a bullet" and added a hashtag "#BackInNoTime". Almost one month has passed and we still don't have clear information on why James is still missing games. So, let's take a look at some possible theories on this matter.


The Lakers simply did not know

Nowadays it is easy for teams not to get informed about their player's health plans because the players have the right to keep it private. It is possible that this is what's happening, in LeBron's case, and the Lakers are simply uninformed. Also, LeBron's relationship with the Lakers is relatively new and the trust is not yet completely built.


To surprise the competition and keep them on their toes

LeBron James could simply be being secretive about his injury status because he doesn't want the opposing teams to know when he will be back. Maybe he just wants to keep the opposition guessing.

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