Ganna Walska Lotusland, situated in Santa Barbara California was named one of the premier and top 10 gardens in the world, by The Telegraph London. Lotusland is steeped in a fascinating and rich history. Not least, is the life itself, of its founder and creator Ganna Walska, a Polish-born migrant who went on to become an opera singer. Ganna purchased the property in 1941, naming the estate Lotusland in 1945.

A popular place to visit

The exquisite tourist destination celebrated its twenty-fifth year of being open to the public in 2018. The amazing sights of colorful, carefully cultivated gardens show much thought and effort in landscape design.

From the period of 1941 to the 1980s, Lotusland expanded and generated new green space and landscapes, always coming up with innovative and changing designs.

After the deaths of its founder, Ganna Walska, Lotusland was bequeathed to the Ganna Walska Foundation, who still own and operate the place today. Lotusland has over 20 gardens, with a wide variety of plant life, from aloe to fern gardens, tropical gardens to orchards. There is an outstanding array of flora and creative landscape design. Renovations continue too, on an ongoing basis, so the spaces are updated and changed, meaning displays are never static but are rejuvenated and refreshed all year round.

Currently, a rejuvenation project is being undertaken in the Japanese gardens that were started by Ganna Walska.

The aim of the project is to work on perfecting the surrounds so that visitors can experience peace and restoration from a busy, and hectic lifestyle. It is a large scale project with ambition and needs the support of patrons.


The grounds are incredibly beautiful, and there is no better way to discover the gardens than with a tour.

Escorted tours operate so that one can learn more about the Lotusland. There are also classes or opportunities to picnic and to participate in events that take place throughout the year. A wealth of information is available on gardening, such as how to create sustainable gardens on their website at lotusland org.

People can help to keep the gardens thriving, in various ways.

Lotusland requires ongoing financial support to sustain themselves. Visitors can assist the continuation of the parklands by visiting, buying from the Garden Shop, or becoming a member with various membership packages available, all with generous benefits. They can assist by holding an event, participating or creating their own group or enhanced tours, or volunteer to work at Ganna Walska Lotusland.