Twitter reacts to Stan Lee, Spike Lee obit mix-up

The great Stan Lee passed away earlier this week. One newspaper had a problem with his name.

It happens to the best of us. We print a headline, like an obituary for Stan Lee, and instead of Stan, we put Spike. Ok, very few people who want to keep their job actually do something like that. Below I show how Twitter reacted when one newspaper did exactly that.


RIP Spike Lee?

The Gisborne Herald a New Zealand paper got the age and the picture of the celebrity who passed away earlier this week. Not so much the name.


They both wear glasses?

One Twitter user made it clear that the two celebrities were nothing alike. Making the mix-up all the more humorous.


Not the first time

Another user was quick to point out it wasn't close to the first time something like this has happened. Neil Armstrong walked on the moon. Neil Young was a famous singer. Just so we're clear.


Facepalm is all you need

Sometimes words aren't needed to show your displeasure at such a massive mistake. Extra points for using an actor in Marvel movies.


You had one job

Quality control missed something when that paper went to press. One user made sure they knew about it.

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