Space Hulk Tactics Review: 5 good, bad, ugly things to know about game

The strategy game had some very good aspects, but you're going to need to know about the backstory as well.

"Space Hulk: Tactics" fits the bill if you are either a massive fan of this particular universe or you love strategy games. That's the good news. If you happen to not know anything about the vast backstory of "Warhammer," then you are going to start off this game at a disadvantage, if only because you might not be able to understand with whom and why you are doing battle. Released on October 9, "Space Hulk: Tactics" is now available for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. For the purposes of this review, I was provided a copy on the PlayStation 4. While I like a lot of the game, I could not, in good faith, give it more than a 3 out of 5. Check out the good, bad, and ugly, as well as the reasons why.


Good: The atmosphere is exactly as claustrophobic as it's supposed to be

"Space Hulk: Tactics" takes place on board a giant spaceship/spacestation referred to as a Space Hulk in the game's universe. Despite the ship being massive, the hallways and battle areas are narrow. If you see a genestealer coming for you, there isn't anywhere to go.


Good: The switch between views is a cool feature

When you are fighting your way through the narrow hallways, you can either take a look from the normal strategy board layout, or through a first-person view. That's a neat touch, considering there's supposed to be some suspense built into the action. with enemies popping up, just around the corner.


Bad: The different views can cause some real confusion.

It's going to take a bit to adjust to knowing where in the world you are, compared to the rest of the map, if you keep changing from the regular view and the first-person view.


Bad: Not enough back story

Certainly the people who put out this game know their audience. It's interesting that they don't want more of an audience. There is very little explanation about why you are where your are. That makes it tough to get involved.


Ugly: Too many tools

On the one hand, the features that are offered up in the game is extensive. Power ups, functions, weapons... there's a lot of all of them. On the other hand, there are too many of them. Certainly, if you want to sit down and spend hours investigating, you can. Again, considering the backstories aren't all that filled out, it's hard to get drawn into spending that kind of time on the game.

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