Sister Wives: 5 Instagram photos show Meri Brown Living My Why

Meri Brown lost weight, took on positivity and consequently looks happy and beautiful.

"Sister Wives" fans know from previous seasons of the show that Meri Brown cried a lot, became distanced from the patriarch, Kody, and clashed with Janelle Brown. Three years back, times were hard for Meri, especially after she endured the humiliation of the catfish incident. Life comes with hard knocks but when you can pick yourself up, #LivingMyWhy, because you can, that's admirable. These days, Meri looks stunning in her Instagram photos and they show her new zest for life [VIDEO]. This becomes more obvious when you watch the old TLC show clips like the one below.


Meri Brown after a hard day shopping

Shopping in the "Sister Wives" homes can be a major mission. In this post, which uses the LivingMyWhy hashtag, Meri still has a five-hour trip home after shopping but she looks great. Fans commented how her blue shirt enhances those sparkling eyes.


Sister Wives star paints pictures these days

Part of Meri's getting out and pulling herself up by the boot straps involved taking up painting. Hopefully, now they live in Flagstaff she will find much inspiration. This photo shows Meri starting a new painting project. For this post, Meri used her PaintingIsMyHappyPlace hashtag. The happiness certainly shows.


Meri hits the road, catches up with friends

Meri did a lot of road trips, especially with the move to Flagstaff from Las Vegas. She also went to Chicago to see Mariah, packed up the house, went back to clean, and more. On the way, she caught up with friends. In this photo Meri says that life can throw you a loop but goodness can come out of it.


Selling on the house she shared with Kody Brown

Moving home is heart-wrenching. For Meri, the move from Las Vegas brought memories of the move from Utah. Describing it as "surreal" standing in the empty home as she cleaned it to put it on the market, Meri didn't give in to tears and sadness. She hashtagged this with #LifeFulfilled and #BecauseICan.


Celebrating good times, Meri goes Christmas shopping

Meri Brown hit the road to Salt Lake City for three days of Christmas shopping with her friend. Clearly excited about the upcoming holiday season, Meri said that she couldn't "wait" for "three days of festivity and fun!" Can you see how Meri turned her life around? Do you think she's an inspiration to people dealing with the hard things of life? Follow Blasting Pop's Reality TV channel for more news about "Sister Wives."

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