The McKinley Tigers high school varsity football team in Hawaii was not exactly on a winning streak when Alexandria Buchanan assumed the position as starting quarterback. Actually, the team suffered a four-year run on losses. Not a single win. As the team’s quarterback, and in a mere three games, Buchanan led her team to a 22-0 victory.

Female varsity QB, first in state, tosses historic pass

Buchanan is the first female quarterback playing at the varsity level in the state, CBS Sports reported. She achieved another first during the first half of a game when she threw a 16-yard touchdown pass.

Her pass was historic, according to the Bleacher Report.

She did not want to sit on the sidelines when she was younger and used to throw the ball to her father, who is a former player. Her goal was to play football, which she has achieved – and then some. Her historic pass is so since she is the state’s very first female quarterback to “ever throw a touchdown pass,” Hawaii News Now (HNN) noted.

NFL pros taking notice of varsity player

Her passes have drawn a lot of attention from videos that went viral but, much more than that, her skill as a quarterback has grabbed some pretty major kudos from pro players who have followed her moves on the field. One of her heroes growing up has been Tennessee Titans’ QB Marcus Mariota, who is also from Honolulu.

Mariota took notice of Buchanan and gave her a nod or, as the Bleacher called it, a shout out.

New Orleans Saints’ player Drew Brees more recently gave praise to Buchanan.

Her childhood hero also connected with her, putting her front and center once again in the national spotlight, Hawaii News Now reported. She was recovering from an injury, a broken collarbone, sustained “on a sack” in September, according to HNN.

Buchanan described the feeling as if she let down her team, even though she led them to three wins.

She seems to put a lot of pressure on herself and has high expectations for herself and for her team.

Sidelined by injury, surprised by NFL QB

Buchanan was thinking of next season and her ambition of making a strong comeback. That’s when NFL quarterback Drew Brees infused her recovery with a surprise, bolstering her spirits and giving the sidelined quarterback props for her skills, according to CBS Sports.

Brees and Buchanan FaceTimed, an event that was made possible by the Bleacher Report and its B/Real project. The project brings together all-star athletes such as Buchanan together with superstar athletes, news agencies reported. Brees surprised her while she was at school. In their conversation, the pro QB assured Buchanan that she will “bounce back better than ever,” the Bleacher reported.

Brees ‘admires’ all-star athlete

While Buchanan very much intends on returning to the field and staying under the bright lights until she completes high school, reality emerged when she acknowledged that she does not know how her parents feel about her taking the field again with her team. She nothing if not confident, saying, “I will definitely be back,” adding that she plans to “show everybody what a girl can do.”

Brees told Buchanan that he “admires” everything she has achieved so far.

He also stated that he anticipates that she will “accomplish great things” in her next playing season.

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